Sleepless in Lolland

So im battling to gain some semblance of normal life again as of today. The previous night i didnt sleep at all untill 730am – when i finally went to bed at 3, Robyn decided it was time to start screaming, and didnt stop till 7, the little darling.

Last night, 12:30 – 2:30 kinda like a midday nap, what with my fucked up internal clock and all, but up at 6am, and dammit, the hard way is the only way i think with this — im getting up at 6 every day whether it makes me sick or not heh..

Im also going to get Ivana to sleep downstairs, as she has a “proper job” to go to, and im going to take Robyn in hand once more over sleeping — i did it once, with great success, so let’s hope a little tough lovin’ will sort this out again — 3:30am is NOT a reasonable time to want to wake up and start the day dammit!


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Selling my blog?

So, im about to be made an offer on Threadwatch — questions is, is it serious, or piss take?

Either way, TW cannot continue in it’s present form. I feel a need for change, what remains to be seen is what form that change takes i guess…

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Jeffrey Veen thinks the Invitation Swindle is Going out of Fasion, Starts Inviting…

Invitation Nation: Getting into all the new Web apps, by Jeffrey Veen

There’s a downside, of course. Invitations can seem like a cheap marketing ploy to generate unwarranted buzz. And frankly, many startups are probably using them as such. Limiting access to something new creates an artificial scarcity that exploits people’s natural insecurities – wanting to be part of the in crowd who is “over ever thing you think is cool.” A strategy like that will certainly backfire if not handled with openness and, as always, a firm commitment to your users’ experience.

and just beneath that…

So, with all that in mind, we decided to take reservations for Measure Map’s controlled, steady launch. And if you’re considering doing the same with your nifty new Web app, I’ll, uh, trade you for one…

erm.. ok……

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Performancing just got Scobleized! Woohoo!

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Professional Blogging finds a Home!

It’s been a while since i posted here, mostly because me and group of pro bloggers have been putting together, a group blog devoted to making money from blogging.

We’ve got some fantastic pro bloggers in there, and a whole shed load of cracking posts already, so if you want to learn how to make more money blogging, that’s where you need to be.


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The Perfect Product Blog

If you need to know how to do a product blog the right way. Check out Chitika – Since they started to ramp up eMiniMalls that blog has been the PERFECT example of how to blog a product.

Kudos to the team over there on a job well done…

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I have flu dammit, so now you know why i’ve not been posting here for a few days – it’s too much like hard bloody work keeping up with one blog and all the other stuff i have to do without an extra one :)

It’s getting better, but the bastard ain’t gone yet…

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