Home Alone

Crikey, for the first time I have Robyn devil child all to myself for an
entire day! Dont’ get me wrong, i think we’re going to have a
wonderful day, and i’ve lined up some cool things for us to do, it’s just a
bit daunting when the longest Ivana has been away has been about 4/5hrs so far. Today, she left at 8am and won’t likely be back till 9pm – Eeek!

Robyn’s sleeping now, which is cool, she’s lots more fun after a good nap :)




  1. marcel said

    Awww, I thought you meant the movie when I clicked the link… haha, just kidding ;)

  2. Gary said

    me too……The movie is so good… :D

    Anyway, the girl’s eyes are very beautiful~ OoO

  3. TallTroll said

    >> she’s lots more fun after a good nap :)

    Hah, I know what you mean…. Theo is much the same, although bizarrely he has another “sweet spot” when he’s tired, just before he turns into the GrizzleMonster.

  4. Nick W said

    Yeah, actually Robyn is just the same!

    Last night, we had our very first, genuine moment of shared humour – it was brilliant. 20mins before bed we were all on the sofa and robyn was putting her hand in ivana’s mouth, then in mine and really thinking it was funny to go back and forth, back and forth – and we were all laughing at the same thing – sounds odd, maybe you had to be there, but it was a real milestone i thought…

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