Not another damn blog, surely…

Well, for a while now i’ve been wanting to write about some stuff that interests me without:

  • The pressure of having to post to often
  • The constraints of my current outlets
  • The need to be consistent in subject matter

So, along comes this email this morning, telling me I had a “golden ticket” to do a hosted wordpress blog, and i’m assuming they won’t sting me for payment further down the line, so here I am.

Why WordPress?

Im a Drupal fan and use it for almost everything. Next to Drupal though, i do really like the WP software, and as this blog has no commercial intent, other than to spread some ideas it’s just a simple and handy way to write a few things down without having to design anything particularly special.

Shame about the templates…

Bit of a poor choice on the template front im afraid, and as of yet, I can’t see any way to mess with the css. Too bad, but like i said, the point of this was that i could start now rather than spend 6 weeks pissing around with a design and layout.

Anyways, if true to previous form, i’ll get bored and not bother writing much more. But you know? I just have this feeling that that’s not going to happen this time, don’t know why, I just do. I tried Yahoo! 360 for a few days and hated it, and also done a few other bits over the past year or two that just faded away. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

My Google friend/enemy Matt uses the template im currently trying out, so maybe im in good company on the WP front. hehe..



  1. dan1 said

    Well thank the Lord God Jesus that your daughter is ok.
    My daughter when about 5 shallowed a ping pong ball..

    I thank God I had taken a emt course and got the ball out ….
    Read first john chapter 1 and 2 ……

  2. Nick W said

    Yes, she’s fine thanks dan, though i think you meant to comment on this post :)

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