MyWeb2.0 Over

A few weeks back, Tim Mayer over at Yahoo! asked me what it would take for me to switch the links on Threadwatch over to MyWeb2.0 – For a start Tim, I’d want to be able to export my delicious links to MyWeb!

I’d also want the “add to MyWeb” button that Danny’s talking about today.

Im not sure what else, though i had this vague idea that we should be able to categorize our posts within the code, perhaps with <!–comment tags–> in order for them to automatically show up under our MyWeb links, but i did want to throw this one out there and ask you guys, what it would take for you to dump delicious for myweb?



  1. graywolf said

    You don’t have to be registered to use You can look at popular stuff and do searches without having an account. If you create an account you can also monitor someone’s delicious account and subscribe to thier inbox via RSS.

    When you open the page it should line list my items not my niegborhoods. I’m usually looking for something I added not something someone else did.

    The delicious interface is much simpler to use, full liquid width on big monitors lets me get more info above the fold. MY web has 290 pixels of masthead delicious has 80, again more usable screen real estate. Tags in delicious take up 2 lines myweb takes up 5, again more screen real estate.

    the “bundles” tagging feature is also nice too

    The tag suggestion on delicious is pretty nice too

    Having the tag cloud on the same page instead of a different one saves me time

    You can get friendly completely hackable URL’s in delicious

    I haven’t actually looked to see if one exists but a bookmarklet for my toolbar would be plus

  2. Nick W said

    Bloody good point on the logging in GW, i’d not thought about that.

    I’ve not seen Tim online since i posted this, but i’ll send this over – i was supposed to send him an email to forward onto the myweb guys but never got round to it. Hopefully better late than never!

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