Getting Dressed Before Lunchtime, Blogaholic?

Really, one of these days im actually going to do that…

  • I can’t shower and get dressed before coffee (3/4 cups)
  • I can’t drink my coffee without checking Threadwatch and, now Things
  • While im there, it would be criminal not to check the RSS for breaking stories
  • Consequently, i can’t remember the last time i was dressed before 12 noon
  • Silly i know, but what can you do?



  1. Sebastian said

    > but what can you do?

    If going to bed fully dressed is no real alternative, wait two years. Bringing Robyn to the kindergarden requires getting dressed before. This was the only way for me to get dressed in the daylight.

  2. Nick W said

    Actually, she starts daycare next week. In Denmark they go to someones house, a “daycare mum” from age 1 (or a little before, as in Robyn’s case). They get to play with 4/5 other little ones and go places and do things and generally let mum and dad get back to work till it’s time to go to (er… dont know what comes next here, school i guess..).

    However, i can’t drive, so this just means that i’ll have to make my own coffee as Ivana will be back to work shortly after :)

  3. Sebastian said

    So you’ve to buy a great looking pyjama:)

    This daycare thingy is great, I wish we could have it here.

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