Pitching Blind

I’ve always done sales. Not now, not in the traditional sense of the word, but im still selling ideas when i talk to people, and still wanting to persuade people that my ideas are good.

One thing that always gave me a buzz when doing traditional sales was not bothering to prepare. What! i hear the cry (or maybe murmer in this blogs case :), It’s good though, really. It makes you very very focused on what the other person is saying to you, in both speach and body language – as you really won’t know how to play it unless you listen.

I just got off a call with a great group of guys. My partner in a new business, his partner, who i’d never spoken to before, and a consultant we hoped to persuade to join our company.

It was nerve wracking, hoping that the other guys did a good job of explaining how we saw this consultant fit into our company, and hoping that everyone was on the same page – fortunately, it turns out that my new partners are good at this game aswell. The call was great, we managed to articulate our needs, and the benefits to our prospective partner rather succinctly considering that noboby had done even the slightest bit of preparation.

As a result, we hope to have a great new addition to the team :)


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