Teenagers don’t know, or care about web2.0

And why should they? It’s a dumb (though handy) label for a bunch of stuff that’s just not important to them. via svn and jeff see Karim’s account of a conversation with 5 teenagers at the recent web2.0 gig.

Q: Do you use TiVo or Skype?
TiVo: “it’s too much money.”
Skype: Silence. [and the room went crazy in laughters after 10 secs]

Q: What more do you want out of instant messenger? [Question asked by someone from AOL I would guess]
Sean: “Just that: instant messenger.”
Q: would you like to see video on IM?
Sean: Ummm, no, i’m trying to talk to my friends…! [Laughters again, and big applause]

Revealing stuff eh?


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