TaDaList vs DontForgetTheMilk

Today i’ve been thinking a little bit about how to make myself more organized, more efficient, and most of all, more productive. I know that lists are supposed to be an excellent way to get things done, and i’ve even tried it, but the trouble is, i forget to tick items off, or add them – sad, but true.

So, i started a TaDaList, something from the UI geniuses at 37Signals. And guess what? Not only is it bloody fantastic, the fact that i can keep it open on a tab on Firefox makes it unavoidable!

Seriously, i signed up in less than 15 secs and had created a list of things i need to do today within about a minute. Didn’t have to read any instructions, didn’t have to think about what to press, or what to write – it was just simple – no fuss at all.

Enter Dont Forget the Milk

In stark contrast, DontForgetTheMilk took me several goes to sign up successfully, and quite literally overwhelmed me with the UI.

I couldn’t immediately see what i could do, there were too many choices, and too much clutter surrounding those choices. Sure it’s got a lot more features, but you know what? Those features should be hidden, able to be bought up by power users – i ended up leaving having only created one list item – it was just torture compared to TaDaList.

I guess when 37 said that less is a competitive advantage, they were right…


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