My Sister is Blogging!

How cool is that?



  1. Lorraine said

    Bravo, Nick (and Jayne!) I’m trying to get my sister to blog, but she’s still very resistant :)

  2. Mat said

    Ah, but can the lass swear?

  3. robbie said

    Pretty cool alright… woohoo!

  4. eurotrash said

    and the URL is……

  5. Nick W said

    hehe, it’s LINKED in the post Jan, on the word “that” – but here it is anyway…

  6. eurotrash said

    heheh I’m a fool.

    Brought up another question. Do I start a blog about the kid on the way. One side of me says it’s a good idea – gives a good background for the kid to read later. The other side says too tacky.

    Still thinking…..

  7. Nick W said

    yer why not? It’s not like you have to tell the world – firnds and family would love it!

    Ivana did one, right up to the birth – it’s still going in danish, but not english unfortunately…

  8. NFFC said

    You *sure* she is your sister? Or is it a case of the good looks skipping a beat?

  9. Nick W said

    Oh yeah, that’s her alright. She got the looks and i got… er, i got….. i got….

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