Tabs are Worse than Email

You know when you have say 20 or so unanswered emails, worse, at least 10 of them are several days old. Those old ones get older dont’ they? And, like cleaning your desk, or tidying your room (if you’re 13..), the longer you leave it, the worse it gets.

Well, im finding similar problems with Firefox tabs – i currently have a long article on Setting Priorities (how ironic is THAT..), several pieces of news, a design company to check out and a Writeboard to read before i go to bed (it’s already 1am) – i have to do it tonight, it’s on my list!.

So i could bookmark them all in one folder, get to bed and start on them early in the morning right? Oh behave, you know that doesnt happen in reality as well as I do, they’ll be forgotten entirely, or like email, get older and older till I either drop everything untill i clear the backlog or nuke them without reading and resolve to be a good boy next time.

If anyone has any wonderful solutions to this problem, i’d love to know :)



  1. graywolf said

    red bull baby!! It takes about an hour to get into your system, So I have one about 10:30 and I can keep going till about 1:30 or so. If I’m pulling a real late on I’ll have a second just after midnight, man I’m wired till 3 or 4 in the morning.

  2. Whenever I close out Firefox and have 15+ tabs open, I usually just shut the whole thing down and never look back. Sure, maybe I lose some interesting stuff, but I’m never gonna miss it. Just like those old emails.

  3. Install the session saver extension, so the next time you start the browser, you start from exactly where you left off – you might add more tabs later – but admit it – at some point of time, you intend to get to reading it. If not, well, stop opening the tabs and leaving them dangling ;)

  4. craig said

    +1 for the session saver, its often my information overload saver. :)
    Alternatively I set my desktop to hibernate when I hit the power off button allowing a quick getaway. It leaves the browser as was, and I can get back to reading my long feed reader list and tab clicking the interesting stories in the morning. :)

  5. Nick W said

    yeah, my main pc never gets switched off, and is only rebooted when i configure a new kernel so i do that too – but i do like to start the day with a clean firefox :)

    I’ve tried sessionsaver, but it was quite a while ago, and almost certainly the cause of ff crashing on me coutless times – i’ll give it another go – because if there’s anything worse than too many open tabs, it’s having gone thru 400+ feeds, having 30 open tabs, then accidentally hitting ‘close other tabs’ – that sucks so bad it’s UNREAL! heh…

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