Recently i’ve been teaching my mum to use her PC better, and to use new tools and services to make life easier (mostly on me :) – It’s surprising how quickly she’s picked it up really, not that she’s thick, just inexperienced.

We seem to have broken that “fear of the unknown” now, and she’s competently using:

  • A Wiki
  • Firefox
  • Bloglines
  • Tadalists

How’s that eh?



  1. leon said

    That’s amazing!!! I’ve yet to manage to even get my mum to sit infront of a PC…:(

  2. jayne said

    This is Nick`s mum. I am going to drive him mad now with my knowledge, before long I shall be as good as him…. NOT

    All of this is great for my business though, I have a Furniture shop and my website is going “E Commerce” as we speak. Nick has taught me how to add products and text and who knows what else.

  3. jayne said

    Ha Ha yes good luck nick hope you have lots of patience…………

  4. your_store said

    How about

  5. Nick W said


    You know, that could be pretty funny….

  6. Nick W said

    oh my, she’s blogging aswell now :)

  7. your_store said

    She’s an inspiration for tw moms everywhere..

    Just read her first post, I like threadwatchmums much better.

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