Using Wiki’s for Rapid Development

My friends and I have been using MediaWiki (the same software they use for Wikipedia) to spec out software projects recently. It’s hard to put into words just what a tremendous advantage the wiki offers us…

Rapid Spec

Today, we managed to put together 90% of a full functional spec, including user stories, diagrams, risk evaluation and all kinds of other things for a fairly complex web based system in less than a day.

3 people worked on the spec, from 3 different countries, and I don’t think anyone spent more than about 3hrs on it. It’s really quite amazing.

We’re also using wiki’s to spec out marketing and feature plans – madness, but very, very cool..



  1. nullbit said

    Any chance of telling what the project is exactly?

  2. Nick W said

    It’s a bit 007 im afraid nullbit, but give it a few months and all will be known i hope :)

  3. Wiktor said

    Hmm, strange thing…
    I’m attending a class on system development at the moment and we’re going through Unified Process. During a recent discussion, it struck me that wiki would be just perfect for keeping project’s development documentation together (glossary, requirements, use cases, etc.). I guess that the most appealing thing about using a wiki for that is the possibility to track changes over time, thanks to versioning. The rapidness of creating and extending documents is also a great advantage.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one to think like that :-)

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