Four People, Four Countries and Basecamp

It’s odd how untill this morning I’ve just been too busy to go and take Basecamp out for a spin. Bearing in mind that for our current project, we have 4 people in 4 different countries and a dev company to co-ordinate with, i thought it might be time to go test it…

Like all the 37signals stuff, it was pretty simple to sign up, and is totally intuitive to use. I did take a brief look at the instructions but there really wasn’t any need, it just works.

So, this morning im busy setting project milestones and todo lists – i have the free account right now, which will certainly need upgrading later today, im not certain if that will allow me to attach notes, or writeboards to milestones, but i certainly hope so. I’d also like to be able to assign more than one person to a milestone.

Managing people remotely is not easy by traditional means (email, phone) but i like web based gadgets and all but one of our team will get this without even having to think about it, the other i’ll just have to bully into using it :)

Productivity has become key recently, and between our new basecamp for project management, and our dev wiki we’re actually doing really well.

It would be funny if we managed to launch having never met eachother :)



  1. graywolf said

    I’ve been using bascamp for about 2 weeks, the UI is really slick and easy to get, as I’m uisng it with non tech people. The problem is the product is 90% of the way there and they don’t seem to want to finish it off. It’s missing things like dates for “to do” items, links or textile text for “to-do” items. Relating messages to “to do”, or “milestones”. And adding recurring “milestones” is another big one. Write board integration feels like an after thought they threw on with a piece of duct tape and not really thinking about how to properly integrate it. You only get 2 inegrated writeboard with the free level.

    It’s a shame because it really is a good product, with the potential to be a great product. I just feel like they found some other cool toy to go play with, and aren’t interested in addressing some of the issues/feature requests that people other than myself have made in the help forums. Making a good product is easy, making a great product means you tackle that big ugly nasty code monster you’ve been avoiding …

  2. Nick W said

    I’ve since upgraded to the plus account, but i have to agree GW – tying todo’s and messages to dates is a BIG ommision on their part.

    Overall though, it’s making me a very organized person, which is really quite extraordinary….

  3. your_store said

    Yeah, the lack of dates is a problem. My idea for a temporary solution:

    – Include dates at the beginning of Message/ToDo name.
    – Use Basecamp API to find names w/ dates
    – Use Greasemonkey to include above items on calendar

    Of course, I’ve only completed step one ;) One day I’ll get around to whipping it together. Would definitely garner some heavy link love.

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