Clueless PR People

I got a press release yesterday from this new medical search engine vertical that just launched – it came in about 24hrs after i’d began to see reports of it online around teh ‘sphere. Know what? That’s just too fucking late!

Let’s get this straight, you want me to post about your product, and…

  • you send me your press release well after the launch
  • which is insulting, as you clearly only sent it as an afterthought
  • you say if i have any questions “i can call you” – more insults? oh boy, you’re on a roll huh?

Let me tell you something, I could care less about a medical search engine, in fact, just the thought bores the living shit out of me, but if they’d sent me that release before it had gone out to the masses, and if they’d offered to call me and give a walk through, i would have blogged it.

Why would i blog something i don’t have much interest in? Well, some of my readers would be interested, and being only human, im as suceptable to a little nice treatment as anyone else. I would have (likely) returned the courtesy you know?



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