How bloody long to repair a db?

Sheeesh! My DB is being repaired on Threadwatch and i reckon it’s been doing it for about 2hrs now!

It’s been slow all week, hence the repair, but now i’ve started it im reluctant to stop it you know? It’s kind of like swapping lines at the bank, the other line looks shorter, but you can bet your life some old lady with a carrier bag full of 2pence pieces is going to be in front of you if you do move….

What if it’s only 10mins away from finishing and I stop it now?

But then what if it never finishes?



  1. Claire said

    If it never finishes then I’ll enjoy reading your running commentary on your Web2.0 style blog ;)

  2. Looks like you’re not the only one having issues–it appears that Mr. Tabke is also having issues at the moment, as well. Perhaps this is all related?

  3. logic said

    Well as a starting comment / post.

    Over at SEW –

    There is a post about a new search engine – MozBot! It’s powered by Google and on 1st looks, seems pretty but no extra value over Google other than the number of searches for keyword and synonyms along with the definitions.

    I dont think this will make it a better search engine for more users although will mean a one page scrape rather than multiple.

  4. It’s a dual opteron with at least 1GB of RAM, so at this length of time I’m presuming the repair has gone foobar..

    My personal suggestion would be to abort the repair, delete the repair database, then upload the backup you made of Threadwatch before you started and get back to normal.

    To attempt a repair, it may make more sense if I set up the database elsewhere on the server on another domain, and see what we get from that – you could simply freeze new posting on Threadwatch while the repair takes place if you’re worried about loss of info. Better to have your site up while attempting a repair, in my opinion, than a site down for an uncertain length of time.

    My 2c, though.

  5. Will O'Hara said

    Yeah, WMW has been down all day; i’m keeping my tinfoil hat on until they both come back up, just in case ;)

  6. SEOandM said

    Have you ever seen NickW and Brett Tabke together? :)

  7. Nick W said

    Ok brian, let’s get this bitch up and running on the backup, then we can talk in email on how to test repair it before doing anything again…

  8. Nick W said

    Im putting the old db back in now

  9. Hoo-ray! It’s back. :)

  10. Now seems to be spitting out blank HTML…

  11. Back again – don;t touch that dial… :)

  12. Webwork said

    WMW and TW down at the same moment? What next? Flying saucers start appearing over Las Vegas? It’s the end of the world as we know it, it’s the . . .

  13. mick g said

    Hey Webwork, its good to see you in this neck of the woods :)

  14. eWhisper said

    You guys are killing me. TW & WMW are wake up w/ coffee reading – how am I suppose to find new inspiration when my sources are gone?

    Hope the DBs aren’t down too long…

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