Testing Flock on Wordpress.com

Are you receiving me?

hey it worked! How cool is that? I think im going to like Flock, it’s only a dev beta right now but so far it’s worked pretty well – All i really need to do is have it work with Drupal, then it’ll be saving me a fair bit of time and messing around i hope…



  1. your_store said

    From the Flockstars mailing list:

    Apologies if this is a duplicate but here’s how I do Flock and Drupal.

    I have Flock working with Drupal 4.6.3 (I think its .3) and the Moveable Type API. No other API ever worked properly for me.

    To set Flock up:
    What I had to do was; in the blogging configuration URL type anything OTHER than a valid URL. It will just sit there if you enter a valid Drupal URL (bug)
    Click Cancel to manually setup a blog
    Select: Movable Type
    Blog ID: 1
    And enter your Drupal address with xmlrpc.php on the end of it. eg. http://example.com/xmlrpc.php
    You had better remember you admin username and password too. :)

    To set Drupal up:
    Administer -> Settings -> Modules and tick the blogapi box and go okay.
    Then go Administer -> Settings -> Blogapi and select Moveable Type and the check boxes for the content types you want to be able to blog.
    If you want images and all content to appear you need to make sure that under the administration menu “Input Formats” allow those tags. Because I’m the only user on my site I simply click the radio button for “Full HTML” and all is cool.

    Also, you may be able to select different users other than admin with a Blog ID by using the same ID as the users blog number.

    That should do it. Good luck.


    Didn’t have a non-TW email for you, so there it is in all it’s glory.

    As I don’t have a blog, I haven’t been able to test that functionality of Flock. However, I’ve found it to be an amazingly fast browser; especially for javascript-heavy sites. Have you tried Bloglines? Blazing!

    The del.icio.us integration is pretty slick too. I’m just worried about going to to something other than Firefox and losing all my cool toys.

  2. Nick W said

    Thanks a lot YS, is the MT API labeled as “Blog API” under modules?

    I’ll give this a try later…

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