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Another damn ping service?

Really, who gives a fuck?


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Want to know who to pitch your startup to?

Try one of these guys

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7 VC / Startup Tips Series Posted

David Beisel is posting an awesome “7 tips series” around the topic of venture capital and startups. See

Great stuff!

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All done, almost…

OK, so i’ve moved servers. I just need to get the CNAME done for the feeds then we’re all set. I can’t see TW right now, but i hear some can so the DNS is propagating at least…

what a day!

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Brian, Need you to Call Me!

Your site is down now aswell as mine, can you phone me?

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Back up and limping…

we’re back, but there’s still some work to do…

Comments will go back on moderation over here, which is the way i like it on a blog i’ve not got constantly open in a tab.

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How bloody long to repair a db?

Sheeesh! My DB is being repaired on Threadwatch and i reckon it’s been doing it for about 2hrs now!

It’s been slow all week, hence the repair, but now i’ve started it im reluctant to stop it you know? It’s kind of like swapping lines at the bank, the other line looks shorter, but you can bet your life some old lady with a carrier bag full of 2pence pieces is going to be in front of you if you do move….

What if it’s only 10mins away from finishing and I stop it now?

But then what if it never finishes?

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