Jeffrey Veen thinks the Invitation Swindle is Going out of Fasion, Starts Inviting…

Invitation Nation: Getting into all the new Web apps, by Jeffrey Veen

There’s a downside, of course. Invitations can seem like a cheap marketing ploy to generate unwarranted buzz. And frankly, many startups are probably using them as such. Limiting access to something new creates an artificial scarcity that exploits people’s natural insecurities – wanting to be part of the in crowd who is “over ever thing you think is cool.” A strategy like that will certainly backfire if not handled with openness and, as always, a firm commitment to your users’ experience.

and just beneath that…

So, with all that in mind, we decided to take reservations for Measure Map’s controlled, steady launch. And if you’re considering doing the same with your nifty new Web app, I’ll, uh, trade you for one…

erm.. ok……


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