Selling my blog?

So, im about to be made an offer on Threadwatch — questions is, is it serious, or piss take?

Either way, TW cannot continue in it’s present form. I feel a need for change, what remains to be seen is what form that change takes i guess…



  1. Sebastian said

    TW = Nick, TW – Nick = Zero $$
    I don’t think that’ll work :(
    If you can spend more time on TW in the future, I’m sure the community will be patient. Don’t put your homey hangout at risk, please.

  2. Claire said

    TW = Nick = I agree

    Why do you feel it can’t continue in its present form?

  3. Nick W said

    It’s just time claire, and yes sebastian, much as i’d like it to be otherwise, the general consensus is TW = Nick

    So, time is the issue, i just need to work on that now — ive been a bit rash with this, but then it’s been an issue for a month and i’ve not slept in nearly as long as robyn is teething really, really badly, so please bear with me a little bit while i get this all sorted out.

    Im giong to try and make it work, but it’s going to take some shifting around of priorities i think, and working on my time management and work flow

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