Sleepless in Lolland

So im battling to gain some semblance of normal life again as of today. The previous night i didnt sleep at all untill 730am – when i finally went to bed at 3, Robyn decided it was time to start screaming, and didnt stop till 7, the little darling.

Last night, 12:30 – 2:30 kinda like a midday nap, what with my fucked up internal clock and all, but up at 6am, and dammit, the hard way is the only way i think with this — im getting up at 6 every day whether it makes me sick or not heh..

Im also going to get Ivana to sleep downstairs, as she has a “proper job” to go to, and im going to take Robyn in hand once more over sleeping — i did it once, with great success, so let’s hope a little tough lovin’ will sort this out again — 3:30am is NOT a reasonable time to want to wake up and start the day dammit!


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