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Legal Resources for Startups

Ross has posted about “anonymous contribution to the public domain from a respected law firm of a mutual and unilateral NDA to start a legal resources section” on the excellent startup exchange.


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Uncool to be Web2.0

Unsurprisingly, i’ve seen more than a few VC posts around that indicate that they couldn’t care less about how you label your company, they want to know what it does and how that will make money.

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Want to know who to pitch your startup to?

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7 VC / Startup Tips Series Posted

David Beisel is posting an awesome “7 tips series” around the topic of venture capital and startups. See

Great stuff!

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Reaching Escape Velocity

Jeff’s new column at ZDNet get’s off to a great start with a piece called Innovation2.0. He talks about the dilema of the web2.0 company, and how to succeed they must reach “escape velocity”.

It is now clear that successful Web 2.0 companies will be the ones managing to reach “escape velocity”, which basically means attracting millions of users, with a big zero cost of acquisition, at a rate of tens of thousands new users signing on per day. These “must join” networks (MySpace, Skype, potentially the Facebook) have risen to levels of usage and popularity that created strongholds very difficult to duplicate. Interestingly, technology had nothing to do with the differentiation at all, and sort of proves Ross Mayfield’s statement that Wed 2.0 is made of people (or the network thereof) – at least as a valuation metric. However, a majority of community-based services will take a long time to reach escape velocity on their own, which means that they will need a real business model and/or benefit from someone else’s user base through distribution deals–relying therefore on larger networks

We certainly expect one of our new company’s products to reach escape velocity in short order, if we didn’t, why would we be doing it?

The questions now is exit strategy, sellout to VC funding in order to maintain/reach that velocity or flash our boobs at larger companies and hope for a buyout?

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Four People, Four Countries and Basecamp

It’s odd how untill this morning I’ve just been too busy to go and take Basecamp out for a spin. Bearing in mind that for our current project, we have 4 people in 4 different countries and a dev company to co-ordinate with, i thought it might be time to go test it…

Like all the 37signals stuff, it was pretty simple to sign up, and is totally intuitive to use. I did take a brief look at the instructions but there really wasn’t any need, it just works.

So, this morning im busy setting project milestones and todo lists – i have the free account right now, which will certainly need upgrading later today, im not certain if that will allow me to attach notes, or writeboards to milestones, but i certainly hope so. I’d also like to be able to assign more than one person to a milestone.

Managing people remotely is not easy by traditional means (email, phone) but i like web based gadgets and all but one of our team will get this without even having to think about it, the other i’ll just have to bully into using it :)

Productivity has become key recently, and between our new basecamp for project management, and our dev wiki we’re actually doing really well.

It would be funny if we managed to launch having never met eachother :)

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For and on behalf of…

So, i just got back from a meeting with the accountant and lawyer, and as a result Communicontent ApS is now the official W company :)

Thanks to Knud and Lars i not only have the company all set up, but have a pretty good understanding of what i can and can’t do with it – now all i need to do is let my partners know about this and get the ball rolling on a few things!

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