Writing down ideas

I’ve made a new resolution for myself. Every idea I have for something weird or wonderful, i will write down. If the next day i still think it’s a good idea, i’ll have a friend sanity check it.

I started doing this yesterday and it’s already produced an interesting little side-project with potential :)


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Testing Flock on WordPress.com

Are you receiving me?

hey it worked! How cool is that? I think im going to like Flock, it’s only a dev beta right now but so far it’s worked pretty well – All i really need to do is have it work with Drupal, then it’ll be saving me a fair bit of time and messing around i hope…

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Legal Resources for Startups

Ross has posted about “anonymous contribution to the public domain from a respected law firm of a mutual and unilateral NDA to start a legal resources section” on the excellent startup exchange.

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Uncool to be Web2.0

Unsurprisingly, i’ve seen more than a few VC posts around that indicate that they couldn’t care less about how you label your company, they want to know what it does and how that will make money.

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Another damn ping service?

Really, who gives a fuck?

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Want to know who to pitch your startup to?

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