Breaking Sleep Habbits

As Robyn (my 10mt old daughter) starts daycare next week, and Ivana will be taking her to it at about 7am I’ve decided to break my 2am – 8am sleep routine and do 12 – 6. Problem is, when you’re used to 6hrs, you need every single minute of those 6hrs, and I still got to bed at 2 last night!

That’s the only way to do it though, so i’ll just have to be damn tired for a couple of days – no news there anyway, i’m always bloody tired.


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  1. flashight said

    Oh Nick, I feel your pain. GIve it a couple of weeks of reduced sleep, and you’ll be in just GREAT shape.

    Breaking that 2am habit is HARD. I do my best work when I’m too tired to think of anything else. Go figure…

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